The Children’s Foundation Fund

Formerly the Christmas Stocking Committee

Formerly the Christmas Stocking Fund, this committee has been disband. In lieu of the hand crafted stockings full of gifts, donated each year to the children since 1987, The Garden Club of Vancouver will make an annual donation to the Children’s Foundation for the purchase of a personalized single gift for each child which will be presented by Santa on Christmas Day.

Christmas Stockings

Handcrafted Christmas Stocking

Each year the Garden Club of Vancouver’s Children’s Foundation Christmas Stocking Committee makes, fills, and delivers Christmas stockings for each of the 22 children at the Children’s Foundation. Since 1957 this Vancouver children’s resource centre has been supporting children who have suffered trauma or are coping with a mental health condition. The Garden Club has supported this Christmas project for over 30 years, and during this time more than 600 children have received a lovingly made stocking filled with Christmas treasures.