“The Garden Club of Vancouver is a group of garden enthusiasts interested in volunteering, learning, and sharing their knowledge in order to raise awareness and support garden projects around the city through annual and ongoing fund-raising endeavours”

For Membership enquiries or garden projects in need of funding, please contact us at

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Garden Club of Vancouver, you can reach us at If you know a member of the club please contact that person and they will introduce you to the membership process. If not, contact us through the email above.  We look forward to hearing from you!

GARDEN PROJECTS WITHIN METRO VANCOUVERIf you are looking for support for a garden project within Metro Vancouver please contact us.  Our Past Projects page lists all the Garden Projects we have supported since our inception in 1961.  

1. A project application must be submitted to the Garden Club of Vancouver in writing and is to include the following details:  
* Name and address of the organization submitting request
* Indicate if the organization is Not-For-Profit with charitable status (not mandatory)
* History and Mission Statement of organization, including the list of current 
       Board of Directors and the most recent Annual Report.
* Outline of the specific project and how it applies to the purposes of the Garden Club               
       of Vancouver
* Name and contact information of person presenting the proposal
* The total cost and timeline of the project, and the amount of the requested donation
* How the organization plans to acknowledge the support from The Garden Club of 
* How the organization plans to maintain the project to keep it well functioning, and     
* Is there an expectation of ongoing involvement from The Garden Club of Vancouver? 
       If so please provide details of that expectation and cost.

2. Upon receipt, the project proposal application will be circulated and discussed at a Board meeting of the Garden Club of Vancouver.

3. If approved, the applicant will be invited to make a presentation to the membership at a general meeting of the Club.

4. If there is general support of the project, a  formal motion to approve the project will be made to the membership.

Click here to download a copy of the Garden Club project funding criteria 

Gardens at the Vancouver Hospice

We look forward to hearing from you!