June Garden Tours

An annual tradition of members touring special gardens and enjoying a festive year-end outdoor lunch before breaking for the summer season….

Our 2018 garden tour of four Southlands properties included this year’s fundraiser: W E L L I E S AND W I N E – JUNE 21, 2018

This Southlands estate, complete with the horses listening to the speeches, hosted the Wellies and Wine Gala and Auction.

E N G L I S H  D E L I G H T

S O R R Y,  B U T   IT   I S   B E A U T I F U L,  E H ?

F R E N C H   C H A R M
   W H I L E    L I V I N G   I N   A   B A R N!

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The photo below indicates this annual garden tour of Vancouver gardens is a long-standing tradition!