The Garden Club  meets on the third Thursday of each month from September to April. 

Our monthly General Meetings include the ongoing business of the Club followed by a guest speaker and a “Show and Tell”. The meetings, followed by a light lunch, are casual gatherings enjoyed by those who are interested in a broad variety of horticultural topics.

Show and Tell


The Club is pleased to host a variety of knowledgeable and engaged speakers.  Some of our past speakers include:

Sarah Common       Hives for Humanity

Egan Davis               Principal Instructor Horticulture Training Program, UBC Botanical Garden

Linda Gilkeson        Entomologist, author, lecturer

Carolyn Herriott     Author, food activist

Thomas Hobbs        Author, owner of Southlands Nursery

Ingrid Hoff               Entomologist, UBC

Douglas Justice       Curator of Collections, Associate Director at UBC Botanical Gardens; author 

Gary Lewis                Owner of Phoenix Perennials 

Brian Minter            Author, media personality, owner of Minter Country Gardens

Daniel Mosquin       Research Manager, UBC Botanical Gardens

Thomas Proll            Head breeder of Kordes Roses, Germany

Richie Steffen           Author, media personality, manager at Miller Botanical Garden

Spencer W. Stuart   Art Historian, writer and lecturer 

Howard Wills           Sempervivum specialist, owner of Fernwood Nursery, United Kingdom

Brad Jalbert             Head breeder, owner of Select Roses.