Since 1961 the Garden Club of Vancouver has been raising funds and donating to gardens and garden beautification projects in and around Vancouver.  The Club has also donated to the BC Council of Garden Clubs scholarship fund for more than 25 years.  

 Current Fundraising Projects: November 26th to December 5th 2020 Online Christmas Auction                                                           In Support of Easter Seals House 


A Partnership Between Easter Seals and The Garden Club of Vancouver 

 The restorative value of nature and outdoor space is widely proven. The garden and Courtyard at Easter Seals House is of tremendous value to our guests, many of whom are facing unimaginable health or familial challenges during their stay.  It is important now, more than ever before, as we navigate life in a pandemic.   

Our vision is to create a volunteer maintained garden that will be an important place of rest and recreation for guests. The garden will become many things to many people. Below is a landscape plan for the proposed garden…


The existing Garden Space at Easter Seals House  

Past Projects and Donations by The Garden Club of Vancouver


$6,500 to Canuck Place for irrigation and fountain upgrades

$4,000 to Honour House Society for garden improvements

$1,000 to UBC Botanical Gardens for the Garry Oak Meadow Project

$1,000 to VanDusen Botanical Garden for the Connecting Youth to Nature Program 

2010 – 2019

2018    $500 to UBC Botanical Garden for Pollinator Education Materials

2018    $500 to VanDusen for future development of Little Mountain education area

2018      $15,000 to Covenant House towards the renovation of their rooftop garden

2018      $15,000 to create a green space and gazebo at the Alderwood Family Development Centre

2017      $5,000 for maintenance of the VHS Hospice Garden

2014      $15,000 to UBC Botanical Garden Centennial entrance project

2013      $2,500 to UBC toward the Vancouver Tree App Project (UBC Botanical Garden)

2013      $12,500 to the new garden at the Vancouver Women’s Shelter at Powell Place

2012      $2,500 to the Hillman Garden at Christ Church Cathedral

2012      $5,000 to the Vancouver Hospice Society

2010      $6,000 to the Vancouver Park Board for 750 Hellebores for ‘Vancouver Medallion’ planting at Prospect Point for the 2010 Winter Olympics

2010      $2,500 to the Friends of the Bloedel Conservatory

2000 – 2009

2009      $12,500 to Environmental Youth Association for the Greenhouse Restoration Project

2008      $20,000 to UBC Botanical Garden towards the renovation of the Library and Study Suite

2006      $25,000 to the VanDusen Garden Capital Campaign

2006      $5,000 to the UBC Botanical Garden

2005      $1,000 to Grandview Elementary School for the student garden

2004      $1,800 Co-sponsored with the Vancouver Park Board, the Up Front Garden Competition and Reception

2003      $4,000 to the YWCA Crabtree Corner for a garden in their Outdoor Play Area

2003      Annual contribution to the BC Council of Gardens Scholarship increased to $500

2003      $250 to the Halifax Public Garden to help restoration  after Hurricane Juan

2002      Continued to co-sponsor the Vancouver Beautiful Block Competition

2001      Co-sponsored with the Vancouver Park Board, the Vancouver Beautiful Block Competition

2000      $500 to the Land Conservancy of BC for the preservation of the Abkhazi Garden in Victoria

1990 – 1999 

1999      $15,000 Millenium project: Twin Parterres at the main entrance to the Italian Garden at Hastings Park

1998      $500 to the Montreal Tree Planting following the ice storm of 1998

1997      $5,000 to the Elizabeth Fry Society for a Roof Garden at Columbia House

1997      $5,000 to VanDusen Meditation Garden

1996      $5,000 to UBC Botanical Garden

1995      $380 proceeds from Tacoma Garden Tour donated to VanDusen Gardens

1995      $5,000 towards UBC enhancement

1995      $30,000 towards the garden at Canuck Place

1994      $6,000 towards the garden at Canuck Place

1993      $5,000 to the BC Council of Gardens Scholarship Fund

1992      $5,000 to St Vincent Langara for replanting and  maintenance in the hospital atrium

1991       $100 to VanDusen Garden in memory of Mrs. JL Turnbull,  Club Founder

1990      $300 Bird Bath and Sun Dial to the Roedde House Garden

1990      $500 to the David Lam Centre at the UBC Botanical Garden

1980 – 1989

1989      $26,000 to the Vancouver Park Board towards development of the Barclay Heritage Square Garden

1988      $300 to VanDusen Garden for six memorial trees to honour deceased Presidents

1987      $5,000 to the Vancouver Park Board development of the Roedde House Garden

1987       Co-sponsored Vancouver Park Board’s Centennial Ball to mark Stanley Park’s 100th birthday. Club members decorated the gala dining tables and helped to welcome Lord Derby, Lord Stanley’s grandson

1986      $250 to HSCH UBC Hospital for spring planting

1983      $6,000 to UBC Botanical Garden to re-establish Food Garden

1983      $6,000 to VanDusen Meditation Garden

1983      $3,000 to Ronald MacDonald House for planting shrubs

1983      During the Queen’s visit, Club members transformed the Bayshore Inn ballroom into a springtime garden for the Prime Minister’s State Dinner


1970 – 1979

1979      $2,000 to VanDusen Garden for Phase 2 of the Water Garden

1978      $5,000 for construction of the Hortitherapy Greenhouse at UBC

1977      BC Housing Management Commission’s People, Plants and Housing Advisory,  judging and prizes

1976      $150 to the Pool Grove Fund, UBC

1975      $500 to the Stone Sculpture Symposium held in Vancouver

1975      $300 to the YWCA for planting at the front entrance

1975      $300 to the Community Music School of Greater Vancouver for planting trees

1973      $5,000 to the VanDusen Botanical Garden to create a Demonstration Garden

1973      $5,000 to the Vancouver Park Board to create a Mini Park at Hastings and Burrard

1972      Donation to the Ethel Buscombe Memorial Fund for planting Dogwood trees at Musqueam Park

1972      $500 to the UBC Botanical Gardens

1970      $3,000 for planting in the grounds at the Centennial Museum

1970      Ornamental trees planted at Lost Lagoon Bus Loop

1970      $500 for planting Dogwood trees and bulbs on the median of Highway 401 approaching the city limits of Vancouver

1961 – 1969

1967      Four hand hewn benches to the Vancouver Park Board

1967      $2,500 for planting a Fragrant Garden for the Children at the Jericho Hill School

1967      Donation to crab sculpture, Vancouver Centennial Museum and the MacMillan Planetarium

1967      $200 for planting trees at the Madge Hogarth Residence at Simon Fraser University

1965      $400 to Mrs. P A MacDonald for a large concrete play sculpture of a turtle for the Children’s Fragrant Garden at Jericho Hill School

1965      $1,500 to the Vancouver Park Board for a Rose Garden at Queen Elizabeth Park

1964      Planting at Rufus Gibbs Lodge, Alexandria Neighbourhood House, Children’s Aid Receiving Home, Red Cross Lodge, C.A.R.S., Second Mile Club

1962      Planting at the entrance to the Vancouver Art Gallery Georgia entrance

Ongoing:   Regular donations to the BC Council of Gardens Scholarship Fund

Philanthropic Events

2018 Wellies & Wine Garden Party

On behalf of Covenant House – Roof Top Garden Project

Our Wellies & Wine Benefit, was held on a sunny June afternoon in the private garden of the Rowland Family’s Carrington Stables Estate in the Southlands neighbourhood. The day began with our annual garden tour culminating in a volunteer driven lavish garden party with live and silent auctions, raising more than $15,000.  Many thanks to our sponsors, RBC and Concert Properties, and our Master of Ceremonies, Thomas Hobbs, and to our Fundraising Chair, Janice Podmore and her committee for a successful and enjoyable event.