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The Garden Club of Vancouver

Our Next Meeting

February 14th, at VanDusen Floral Hall, 11 AM

Visitors Welcome!

Calendar of Events


General Meeting

February 14th, 2024

SPEAKER; Gary Lewis, Phoenix Perennials

Introduction to the new website.

Light Lunch to follow.

Payments accepted for March AGM Lunch

Visitors welcome. Please confirm attendance to


March 14th, 2024

Point Grey Golf Course

Doors Open 11:00 with cash bar

Lunch 12:00 noon

Pay in advance


VanDusen Floral Hall, 11 AM

​April 18th, 2024

Presentation: Iconic English Garden Tour May 2023

Light Lunch to follow.

Visitors welcome. Please confirm attendance to

About the Garden Club of Vancouver

Gardening and Giving 

The Garden Club attracts garden enthusiasts interested in volunteering, learning and sharing gardening knowledge…….


  • The Garden Club of Vancouver is for gardening enthusiasts who are interested in plants, gardens, volunteering, learning, and sharing their gardening and plant knowledge.
  • The Club meets monthly (not in July or August) for meetings that with special speakers, show and tells, followed by a light lunch.
  • The Club also plans special garden tours, and special events such as the annual Christmas Serendipity event, Meals on Wheels flower arranging, and others.
  • The Club supports community garden projects with volunteer labour and in some cases, funding.
  • Since its inception in 1961, this volunteer non-profit organization has raised and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars towards the beautification of green spaces around the city and beyond.


Monthly Meetings

Vancouver Garden Club meetings are held the third Thursday of the month from September to April.

In May and June a field trip and/or garden tours are planned.

Easter Seals Christmas Tree

This committee chooses a theme, designs then creates hand made decorations for the Christmas Tree at Easter Seals House. The tree welcomes visitors and staff with a festive hug during what is often a very difficult time.

Meals on Wheels (MOW)

Since the 1970’s members have met 3 times a year (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter) at St. Mary’s Church Hall to make up to 220 flower arrangements for Meals on Wheels clients.

Field Trips/Garden Tours

2023    Dr. Sun Yet Sen Garden,
Darts Hill
Iconic Gardens of England

2022    East Side Garden Tour
Bird watching at VanDusen

Flower Arranging

During MOW event some talented members create large floral arrangements which are delivered by Club members to 12 non-profit hospice and care facilities around Metro Vancouver.

Volunteer Gardening Projects

Our Club’s gardening volunteers maintain the Easter Seals House garden and provide gardening assistance to the Vancouver Hospice Garden.

Christmas Serendipity

Serendipity event encompasses the Christmas MOW, a special lunch and fundraiser (a serendipity table where home made jams jellies and sweets are sold, usually a raffle and sometimes a small auction).


Giving back to the community is part of the Club’s DNA. Since 1961 the Garden Club of Vancouver has been committed to supporting charitable projects throughout the city and beyond. Funds for these projects may be from general revenues or from special fundraising initiatives.

Club members also participate in on-going activities such as Meals on Wheels and garden volunteering throughout the year. For a full list please look on the activities page.   



The Garden Club of Vancouver Legacy Fund

To honour its 60th anniversary in 2021, the Garden Club of Vancouver began a donor advised endowment fund with Vancity named the Legacy Fund. Donors to the fund receive tax receipts. All contributions are invested with Vancity and the interest earned (approx. 4% of the capital) is available annually to disburse to charitable garden -related projects chosen by the Club’s membership.

Join us at the Garden Club of Vancouver


  • The Club meets every third Thursday of the month from September through to June.
  • General meetings start at 11:00 am and most are held in the Floral Hall at VanDusen Botanical Gardens with the exception of the October meeting, which is held at UBC Botanical Garden.
  • Meetings usually begin with a member’s Show and Tell presentation, followed by a featured speaker. After the meeting members and guests stay for a lunch provided by a rotating list of members. May and June meetings are reserved for Garden Tours.
  • Three times a year, (Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving), the Club meets for Meals on Wheels(MOW) for flower arranging at St. Mary’s Church on 37th. Complimentary coffee, tea and snacks are served.




The Garden Club of Vancouver is now accepting new members. 



Interested in Joining? 

Please email Gail for more information.


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Board of Directors


President: Valerie Prodanuk
Past President: Shane Thornton
Vice President(s): Jeannie Bates, Megahn McCarthy
Treasurer: Jennifer Bettiol
Secretary: Donna Heinrich


Bulletin: Jeannie Bates, Cathy Mullen
Correspondence: Betty Canning
Membership: Gail Brown, Janet Plant, Nancy Edmonds
Meals on Wheels: Daphne Spencer
Programs: Peggy Heath, Lynn Jones
Refreshments: Betty Pottinger
Website: Janice Podmore, Ellen Collison

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