Hospice Garden

VHS Hospice Garden- Ongoing Project

The VHS Hospice, on Granville Street is a non-profit organization serving the palliative care community of Vancouver. In 2017 a hardy group of Garden Club members under the tutelage of Lolita Aaron, Ronda Tuyp, Gai Coutts, Betty Canning, and non-member Louise Hutchings maintain the splendor of the hospice’s delightful retreat garden that is enjoyed year-round by its residents. Work-parties are coordinated six times a year to dig, prune, weed, plant, and re-design over-grown perennial beds, and patio containers. In the fall our committee members renovated the over-grown sunken patio beds and replacing the invasive snowberry bushes with a stunning Coral Bark Maple (Acer palmatum ‘Sango Kaku’) Also in 2019 the hospice was gifted a potted Japanese Maple which was placed on the back patio to shade the garden bench. 

The pruning of the 20-foot hedging along Granville street is outsourced to a local arborist and all the yew hedges on the property are managed by Stuart Harper. The irrigation is managed by Able Irrigation and the delivery of soil and the digging in of trees, is outsourced to Danny, Greenscene Landscapes Ltd.