Who are we?

The Garden Club of Vancouver
is a group of garden enthusiasts. We are interested in volunteering, learning, and sharing our garden knowledge. The Club’s fundraising endeavours are ongoing.  We strive  to raise awareness and support Vancouver garden projects



More importantly …..













Who are you?  
Do you enjoy any of the following: 



protecting Vancouver’s parks & landscaping…..

meeting people….. 

camaraderie of working on committees…..

flower arranging…..     

helping others…..   

or any other garden related activity?

If so….  CHECK US OUT!    Visit our Member Activity page

We would love to hear from you with your comments and questions,
if you are interested in becoming a member, if you have a garden
project you think we might be interested in, or for any other reason!
Email us at 


Almost six decades later the Garden Club of Vancouver Continues to:

Donate: The Garden Club of Vancouver donates funds and volunteers’ time to worthy projects around the city. 

Advocate:  Green spaces in a city are very important on many levels. As Vancouver develops and becomes more densely populated, it is even more important to protect our public parks and gardens. Our city is experiencing a rapid rate of development and while this is happening we can see green spaces giving way to buildings and concrete in both the commercial and residential areas.

Educate: The Garden Club of Vancouver educates its members and other interested people on many gardening related topics. Through speakers, field trips, and other activities there is always
an opportunity to learn.

Cultivate: The Garden Club of Vancouver cultivates important garden projects in Vancouver. Members cultivate their minds with garden knowledge and they also cultivate their own gardens.  The Club frequently provides members the opportunity to be involved in the actual gardening of some projects; many love getting in the garden, getting their hands in the dirt, and actually do some gardening. Woowho!     Contact us at: contact@thegardenclubofvancouver.ca