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Welcome Members!

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  1. Annual Membership Dues are payable to The Garden Club of Vancouver Treasurer before January 1. The Treasurer can be contacted at

  1. Changes to your Contact Information
    Send changes to the Membership Chair(s); they will update the Club records and include the change in the next Bulletin.


  1. Membership Application You will find an application on the Club’s website:


  1. The Garden Club’s email address is:


  1. The Bulletin This is the club’s e-newsletter and main form of communication to membership, so it is important to read it. It is emailed a few days before each general meeting. Queries, comments, or suggested content can be emailed to:

  1. General Meeting Refreshments

A light lunch of sandwiches, sweets, tea and coffee is served after each general meeting. 

All Active Members (with the exception of Board and Honorary Members) take turns bringing sandwiches or sweets for the meetings. 

The Refreshment Chairs coordinate a Refreshment List that is emailed with the Bulletins.  Each member brings refreshments approximately once a year.

  • If unable to attend or provide what is requested, a member finds a replacement and advises the Refreshment Chair of the replacement.
  • Sandwich makers are to bring a platter of party sandwiches, and some vegetable snacks.
  • Sweet makers are to bring a platter of about two dozen squares, cookies, or loaf slices.
  • It is acceptable to purchase your sandwiches and/or sweets, or to provide dietary-restricted acceptable alternatives.
  • Please deliver your food to the kitchen before a meeting and help clean up after people have left.

Contact Us

To contact the Club please email:

To contact the Treasurer please email:

Board of Directors


President: Valerie Prodanuk
Past President: Shane Thornton
Vice President(s): Jeannie Bates, Megahn McCarthy
Treasurer: Jennifer Bettiol
Secretary: Donna Heinrich


Bulletin: Jeannie Bates, Cathy Mullen
Correspondence: Betty Canning
Membership: Gail Brown, Janet Plant, Nancy Edmonds
Meals on Wheels: Daphne Spencer
Programs: Peggy Heath, Lynn Jones
Refreshments: Betty Pottinger
Website: Janice Podmore, Ellen Collison

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